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?Memory. (2009) Short ?Room 14. (2009) Short ?Absolutely. (2009) Short ?A Death in the Kingdom. (2009) Short ?Fixing Britain. (2009) Spec. TV Series (also Storyboarding) ?Ivy Mendy. (2009) Spec. Feature Film ?Sexy Girl. (2009) Short ?Aed MacGregor. (2009) Spec. TV Series ?Graduation Day. (2008) Short ?Real Edinburgh. (2008) Short ?Disintegration. (2008) Short ?Renee or Renoir (2008) Spec. TV Series. (also Storyboard) ACTING ROLES. ?Extra: in "Champagne Christmas" (2009), Produced by Neil Meffan. ?The Easter Bunny (cartoon) (V/O): in "The Santa Trap" (2009), Directed and Produced by Victoria Thomas. ?The Drinker: in "Memory" (2009), Directed by Alain Johnston, Produced by Neil Meffan. ?Chancellor Emeritus: in "Graduation Day" (2008), Director Bracken Coates, Producer Neil Meffan. ?The Husband: in "Ladies Who Lunch" (2008), Produced and Directed by Victoria Thomas. ?The Driver: in "Real Edinburgh" (2008), Directed by Elina Shatalova, Producer Neil Meffan. ?Narrator: "Emma on Albert Street" (2007) Audiobook by the Canadian writer, AW Cockerill. ?Narrator: "Lesser Expectations" (2007) Audiobook by Ken Matthews.



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