Fleet Collective

Chamber Building
Panmure Street

Tel: 01382 322852
Contact: Donna Holford-Lovell
Email: info@fleetcollective.com
Website: www.fleetcollective.com

Fleet is a socially driven creative collective that represents artists, provides affordable studio space and manages multi disciplinary creative projects. Profits will be fed back into the collective to grow facilities, resources and members to increase our capabilities to compete.

We aim to provide:

Affordable spaces: to rent in a collaborative environment

Representation: we actively promote the work of the individual members seeking clients, exhibition opportunities, and commissions.

Pitch: we proactively seek work that the collective can deliver together.

We join together to raise the bar, to push boundaries and deliver outcomes that pack a punch in the global arena.


    Studios, Locations, Support

  • Facilities, Studios
  • Production Companies