Butterstone Studios

The Old Schoolhouse

Tel: 01350 724281
Fax: 01350 724261
Contact: Jamie MacLean
Email: admin@dunkeld.co.uk
Website: www.butterstone.com

Butterstone Stuios (as part of Dunkeld Music.Art.Media) has existed for years as one of Scotland's most imaginative and talent-ful recording facilities. With engineer & producer Jamie Maclean at the helm, it's track record of music commisioned for film (eg Last of the Mohicans), TV (eg 6-part BBC drama A Mug's Game), advertising (eg First National Bank -intranet) and numerous commercial recordings (eg Moishe's Bagels, Dougie MacLean, Gordon Duncan, Wang Dang Delta) means it's capable of creating exciting music to fil any need.

Butterstone Studios is situated in a truly beautiful part of Perthshire, with a host of state of the art techy gear (based around a Pro Tools HD3 system) as well as access to a host of talented musicians. Musical range covers classical to contemporary- rock, funk, techno, dance, folk, pop, jazz, blues, world music...and all in between!

Can compose original music for all media applications. Our studio is capable of creating a wide variety of styles and of delivering the final product in a number of formats


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