An amazin' basin film location

Date: (03/06/2016)

A first ever visit by the BBC's Countryfile to the fabulous Montrose Basin on the Angus coast and inland to Glenesk

The Montrose Basin is an inland lagoon that lies where the River South Esk meets the North Sea on its journey down from the Grampian Mountains through Perthshire and Angus.

It's a haven for wildlife, especially birds, and is watched over by the Scottish Wildlife Trust

There's a visitor centre and you can find out more at their website and take a look at a webcam.

The programme also found out that birds of another kind found safe landing on the basin's sands at Britain's first airbase.

Montrose has been a place of human settlement since pre-historic times and is now a thriving port.  It's watched over by a Stevwenson built lighthouse, Scurdie Ness.

You can see more about the programme at this BBC link.  It goes out on Sunday, 5th June at 7pm on BBC1 and then on the BBC iPlayer.

View from the top of the Scurdie Ness Lighthouse towards Montrose and the Montrose basin © TayScreen/Julie Craik