A Peake at the stars

Date: (31/12/2015)

Having lifted off to the International Space Station in December 2015, Tim Peake revealed that he has close connections with film location, Comrie in highland Perthshire.

Major Tim and Rebecca Peake in Comrie - picture by Strathearn Herald

No stranger to adventure, Tim is not a person to be phased by Comrie’s reputation.  With a nickname of ‘The Shaky Town’, the village is on Scotland’s major geological faultline.  Earthquakes are a feature.  Tremors were first recorded in 1597 across Perthshire and with 70 noted in 1789.

In 1874, Comrie was chosen for one of the first, purpose-built earthquake-recording stations with  instruments such as a ‘Mallet Seismometer’.

His wife Rebecca grew up in Comrie and he is a frequent visitor with his family saying that the village is his second home.

The astronaut spent many days over several years living and working underwater to simulate space conditions.