Dundee, Kirkcaldy and Blairgowrie - Where You're Meant To Be

Date: (25/03/2016)

Former Arab Strap frontman Aidan Moffat performs live after screening of his road trip movie with travelling balladeer, Sheila Stewart - at DCA Cinema Dundee, Kirkcaldy's Adam Smith Theatre and Blairgowrie Town Hall.

Scottish cult-pop raconteur Aidan Moffat, former frontman of indie band Arab Strap – and best known for his no-holds-barred lyrics about sex, drugs and male anxiety – sets out to explore his country’s past by rewriting and touring its oldest songs.

It’s meant to be a tour that allows Moffat to explore the roots of his country. It’s meant to be a trip that celebrates Scotland’s communities and lore. But then he meets Sheila Stewart – a 79-year-old force of nature and travelling balladeer whose life, and unexpected death, upturns Moffat’s musical assumptions. He believes these old songs are ripe for updating against a modern urban backdrop. She does not.

With Sheila’s criticism ringing in his ears, the bold Moffat embarks on a trip around Scotland’s remote parts that proves to be as uncanny as the Scottish weather. He finds himself caught up in a feud between two monster hunters at Loch Ness, singing to a dismissive Hebridean farmer in his kitchen, and holding court with a mob of ancient warriors in a Highland graveyard.

When Moffat’s tour comes full circle, back to his hometown of Glasgow, he ends up in the legendary Barrowland Ballroom: the best loved rock stage in the world, and the setting for an unlikely final showdown, in a funny wee film about music and death.#

To book tickets for the DCA in Dundee on 27th March go to DCA Cinema.

To book tickets for Kirkcaldy on 6th April or Blairgowrie on 8th April go to http://whereyouremeanttobe.com/ and click Screenings.