The Strawberry Shorts Film Festival

Date: (05/04/2012)

Cambridge Cinema Shorts, in partnership with Strawberry Fair, are holding The Strawberry Shorts Film Festival on the evening of Friday 1st June. The Film Festival has the honour of acting as the opeing event for Strawberry Fair 2012, which takes place on Saturday 2nd June.

Film submissions are invited and those shortlisted will be entered into their competitive programme, vying for a chance to win La Fraise d'Or. Strawberry Shorts is a well established and respected short film festival and an important event in the Cambridge calendar, enjoying national support and international recognition. There are two categories: Best Overall Festival Winner and Best Local Short Film, with two awards for each category: The Audience Award and The Jury Award - with the winners being announced at the end of the evening.

Films can be of any genre but should be less than 20 minutes long. There is no submission fee. The deadline is Saturday 28th April; more information can be found at

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