Casting Call: BEEFSTOCK

Date: (23/04/2012)

Casting Call For BEEFSTOCK

Date: Tuesday 24th April
Venue: Ardler Complex, Turnberry Avenue, Dundee
Time: 19.00

The story is a comedic - coming of age drama about a bareknuckle boxer who's hit some hard times and is fighting his demons and trying to get his life back on track as well as his reputation.

Macca [ Gender Male ] [ Playing Age Late 40s]

Is a part time boxing promoter/businessman who's always looking for the next big thing. He has few friends and a lot of enemies. Macca trusts no one and is always dressed smartly in a beige suit with a cigar in his mouth his face is etched with signs of a rough life.

Keithy [ Gender Male ] [ Playing Age 25-30]

Is a pushover who tries his best but always comes out worse off than anyone. Married with 2 kids he's the breadwinner of the family who's treated unfairly from friends and family. Always seen with throwback shirts from the 70s and has Long hair down to his chin.

Open auditions. Contact Steven Irvine for more information.

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