Casting Call: Female Actresses for BEEFSTOCK

Date: (10/05/2012)

S& G Films are currently looking for female actresses for their film BEEFSTOCK.

Sypnosis: The film is about a bareknuckle boxer who's life has hit rock bottom. Beefstock had it all: the wife, the nice house, the reputation, but he lost it all. This is the story of how Beefstock goes back into the murky unlicenced bareknuckle fighting world for money and to keep his fearsome reputation he has since lost.


Babs [Gender Female] [ Playing Age 20 - 50]
- Babs is a local woman who has never left the city. She’s best at home or when she’s behind a bar. Loved by the local lads who try every trick in the book and get nowhere, she started at the pub 4 years ago and gets by on minimum wage but rakes in the tips with her seductive manner and low cut tops. She has always had a soft spot for Beefstock and knows there is something good behind the loud brash fighter.

Helen [Gender Female] [Playing Age 20 - 50]
- Main Character. Helen is Beefstock's long suffering wife who is the backbone of the household, but in a moment of madness and desperation betrays her hard working husband by cheating on him with his so-called friend. Helen has had a hard life - living with a bareknuckle boxer across the dining table every morning for breakfast can't be easy.

Daureen [Gender Female] [Playing Age 20 - 50]
- Daureen is Keithy's wife. She is a stay at home wife who hasn't worked a day in her life and is used to hand outs by family members. Due to being spoiled in her teens and by her husband she has developed an aggressive possessive attitude and isn't afraid to boss her man around to get what she wants.

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