48 Hour Film Project Comes to Dundee!

Date: (10/07/2012)

Welcome Film Makers!

It's here. For the first time ever, The 48 Hour Film Project will come to Dundee over the weekend of August 3rd 2012. 

On Friday 3rd August, filmmakers will receive a character, prop, a line of dialogue and genre for their film - the rest is up the them! All completed eligible entries will have their film publicly screened at Dundee's wonderful Steps Theatre on Thursday 9th August 2012.

· FREE Networking Evening - Thu 12th July 7pm-9pm @ Henry's Coffee House.
· Your 48 Hour Filming weekend - Fri 3rd Aug – Sun 5th Aug.
· Public Screening Event - Thu 9th Aug @ Steps Theatre.

Career Changing Awards & Prizes
Winning Films will be given awards such as Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Writing, etc. But the most coveted award is Best Film of Dundee. Incredibly, the 'Best Film of Dundee' will move on to Hollywood!
That's right, the 48HFP are taking the top film to Filmapalooza 2013 with several days of intense screenings, parties and networking with winners from cities all around the world.
Filmapalooza culminates with the announcement of the Best Film of 2012 (from around the world). That team will take home a sweet $5K prize along with a really snazzy trophy. It will also be screened with the top 10 films in a 48HFP Showcase at the Cannes Film Festival next year?!?

Want to learn more about the project? Join other film makers on Thursday, July 12 at Henry's Coffee House. This is a great, relaxed opportunity to meet others in your community to collaborate with. Who knows? You may just form your very own 48HFP team, or be scouted by an existing team!
Event Details - http://www.48hourfilm.com/dundee/
Join our Facebook Event - http://www.facebook.com/events/130044237133974/

Ready to take on the challenge? Then sign up today. To celebrate our inaugural year, registration is available at the low cost of £50! (That's per team not per person so simply split it - and remember each team receives two free tickets to their Screening.
Register Now - http://www.48hourfilm.com/dundee/

By becoming a part of this now, you could be laying the foundations of your film career!
So join now and help make the 2012 Dundee 48HFP the first of many!
Kindest regards and best of luck!

Colin McQuillen
Dundee Producer.
48 Hour Film Project.

Visit us at 48HFP - http://www.48hourfilm.com/dundee/
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Email the Producer - dundee@48hourfilm.com

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