Screen Gurus Workshop - Dundee

Date: (02/10/2012)

Screen Gurus Workshop – 2pm
Screen Gurus Networking Drinks – 5pm
Date: Tuesday 23rd October, DCA, Dundee
Venue: Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee

The first of the Screen Gurus’ skills development workshops will run from 2pm to 5pm on Tuesday 23rd October 2012 at Dundee Contemporary Arts in Dundee. It will be followed at 5pm by networking drinks.

Both the workshop and the networking drinks are open to all film professionals working in film skills, film literacy and film education in Scotland.

The interactive workshop will focus on developing training skills – understanding learning styles, designing and delivering training programmes and evaluating their success. The workshop will be led by training specialist Teresa Dolan and will draw on the skills and experience of the participants.

The networking drinks provide an informal environment to meet other film professionals, share experiences and develop new connections.

Screen Gurus is the new talent hub for film professionals working in film skills, film literacy and film education across Scotland, aiming to build the skills expertise and experience of individuals working in the sector.

To register for either the Workshop and/or the Networking Drinks, please our Eventbrite page -

Don’t forget you can also join the Screen Gurus virtual network, a forum bringing together individuals and organisations to share knowledge, identify and develop skills, and broaden connections. Please visit our LinkedIn Page and apply to join -

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