15 Minutes Live: Submissions Open

Date: (12/12/2012)

15 Minutes live is Slung Low's live radio project, in which short plays are commissioned to be performed in front of a live audience on Sunday afternoons. They are 15 minutes long, and are 'plays for voices', with all the sound effects done foley-style, and the music played live by musicians. The audience watch all five plays, with a short break in between each. A recording of each play is then released on the internet.

The next event is on Sunday 24th February at the Holbeck Underground Ballroom in Holbeck, Leeds, with plays on the theme of rebuilding and regrowth. One more writer is sought, who will be paid a fee of £450. The copyright remains with you after the event.

There is no preferable style or genre, and no restriction on cast. The deadline is Friday 21st December. More at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/writersroom/opportunities/slung-low-15-min-plays