Triangle 2012

Date: (05/04/2012)

Triangle 2012 opens to writers, directors and producers in film. A new national talent and development initiative, it aims to support emerging writers, directors and producers in film to develop new working relationships - 'triangles'.

The 11-month programme builds on the pan-Northern Triangle pilot in 2011 and now opens up to talent from across the UK. To begin with, the scheme will be open to 75 participants, which will be reduced to four teams of three who will pitch their projects to an industry panel at the BFI London Film Festival. A series of workshops and seminars along with intensive support from industry mentors will support the 'triangle' teams as they develop their projects to be market ready.

In the first instance, they are looking for up to forty writers and writers/directors to participate in one of two workshops in Leeds and Newcastle on Wednesday 2nd May, from which twelve writers and projects will be selected. 

The writers' deadline is Monday 16th April; for producers and directors the deadline is Wednesday 18th April.

The twelve selected writers (or writers/directors) and up to thirty-six producers and directors will be invited to the launch event in Sheffield on June 12th and 13th. For more information please go to:

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