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Exploring Grant Funding

Exploring Grant Funding

Exploring Grant Funding for Film and TV Production in Scotland

For producers seeking to bring their visions to life, understanding the avenues for grant funding is crucial. Here, we'll dive into the resources available to support creative endeavors in Scotland's flourishing film and TV industry.

Whilst FifeScreen+TayScreen does not have a production support fund, we provide production support. We also help producers identify potential funding opportunities and can provide input to funding applications.

Screen Scotland

Screen Scotland is part of Creative Scotland and together they form the national agency that drives the development of Scotland's arts, screen, and creative industries. It offers various funding programs to support film and TV productions:

Screen Production Fund: This fund supports live-action, animated films, and high-end TV productions that can promote Scotland’s creative talent, production companies, and crew. Funding can be used for project development, pre-production, and production phases.

Broadcast Content Fund: Tailored to projects intended for broadcast, this fund assists in developing and producing high-quality content that reflects Scotland’s culture and talents.

Film and TV Development Fund: This fund targets writers, directors, and producers seeking to develop their creative projects. It aims to nurture original programming ideas and bring them closer to production.

Production Growth Fund: Aims to stimulate growth in film and TV production in Scotland by offering incentives on international and domestic projects. This fund is designed to attract and support significant productions that will contribute to the growth of the local screen industry.

Screen Scotland Development and Production Fund: Provides support for filmmakers, producers, and companies based in Scotland, assisting with the development and production of feature films, documentaries, and high-end TV content. This fund is aimed at projects with strong national or international appeal that will help showcase Scottish talent and storytelling.


The National Lottery

Creative Scotland and Screen Scotland collaborate with the National Lottery to provide significant funding opportunities:

National Lottery Funding: This funding is designed to support a broad range of activities that involve the arts, screen, and creative industries. Filmmakers can apply for funding that encompasses anything from script development and production to distribution and marketing of films and TV shows.


The British Film Institute (BFI)

The BFI is a UK-wide organisation that offers funds accessible for production in Scotland including content that strongly promotes regional diversity. Their funding programmes include:

BFI Film Fund: Supports a diverse range of storytelling, bringing unique voices and innovative work to the screen. This is inclusive of Scottish cinema, enriching the UK’s film landscape with regional representation.

BFI Network: Provides funding for new and emerging filmmakers through short film production, professional development, and feature film development.


Co-Production Opportunities

Scotland’s film and TV sector often benefits from international collaboration, making it essential to explore co-production deals.

International Co-Production Treaties: Scotland is part of the UK and so benefits from several international co-production treaties, allowing collaborations with countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and many European nations. These treaties facilitate the ease of securing funding and resources while expanding the reach and impact of the production.

Cultural Funds and Grants

Certain cultural funds, both national and international, provide grants for projects that significantly promote and preserve cultural heritage. Examples include:

Canada-UK Co-Production Treaty: Facilitates collaboration between Scottish and Canadian filmmakers, allowing access to funding and talent from both countries.


Private Funding, Sponsorship and Grant-Making Trusts

In addition to government and institutional grants, productions can explore private funding sources

Corporate Sponsorship: Companies that align with the film’s content, audience demographic, or cultural significance may offer financial support in exchange for branding and promotional opportunities.

Crowdfunding: Platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Patreon have become popular methods for independent filmmakers to raise funds by directly engaging their future audience.


Training and Development Programs

Funding is also available for training and development programs that seek to enhance the skills of local filmmakers and crew.

BBC Writersroom: This initiative supports new writers by offering development opportunities, workshops, and funding for script development. It helps emerging talent in Scotland get their stories heard and produced.

TRC Media: Based in Glasgow, TRC Media offers various professional development programs for individuals working in the digital, broadcast, and creative industries. Their initiatives often include access to mentorship and seed funding for innovative projects.


Scholarships and Fellowships

Various organisations offer scholarships and fellowships to filmmakers looking to further their education and experience.

BAFTA Scotland Scholarships: These scholarships provide financial assistance for talented individuals to study film, TV, or games at institutions in the UK.

Royal Television Society (RTS) Bursaries: RTS offers bursaries to students attending accredited courses related to TV production and journalism, helping to nurture the next generation of Scottish broadcasting talent.


To sum up

Securing funding for film and TV production in Scotland requires navigating a diverse landscape of grants, funds partnerships, and opportunities. From national agencies like Screen Scotland to international co-production treaties, the resources available aim to bolster Scotland’s creative sectors and promote its rich cultural heritage. By leveraging these funding channels, producers can bring their visions to life, contributing to the vibrant tapestry of Scottish and international storytelling.

Top Tips to get grant funding

1. Research Thoroughly: Spend ample time researching available funds and ensuring your project aligns with their specific criteria.

2. Prepare a Strong Proposal: Clearly outline your project’s goals, budget, timeline, and impact. Highlight how your film or TV show benefits both the Scottish industry and wider audiences.

3. Network: Engage with industry professionals through film festivals, workshops, and industry events. Contacts within the sector can provide invaluable advice and recommendations.

4. Be Persistent: The application process can be competitive and may involve several rejections before finding success. Persistence and refinement of your proposals are key.

5. Consider Co-Productions: Partnering with international entities can open doors to additional funding sources and broaden your project’s appeal.

Action Steps for Producers

1. Craft a Detailed Plan: Start with a well-researched strategy detailing your project scope, objectives, and potential benefits.

2. Develop a Strong Narrative: Clearly outline your vision and how it aligns with funding criteria. Emphasize the cultural, social, and economic impact of your project.

3. Secure Partnerships: Collaborate with local or international partners to enhance the project’s reach and appeal.

4. Utilise Local Resources: Engage with regional film offices and councils to explore additional support.

5. Attend Industry Events: Participate in film festivals, workshops, and networking events to connect with potential funders and collaborators.

Essential Resources and Contacts

Creative Scotland

Key Contacts: The Screen Funding Team


Screen Scotland

Key Contacts: The Screen Funding and Production Growth Fund Teama


British Film Institute (BFI)

Key Contacts: Film Fund and BFI Network Teams


National Lottery Funding

Information available on Creative Scotland and Screen Scotland funding pages