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VandA Dundee Waterfront

Welcome to Dundee, a city where historic charm meets modern innovation, offering a rich tapestry of filming locations to suit any production need. Whether you're seeking urban landscapes, lush green spaces, or distinct historical sites, Dundee provides a diverse backdrop that can bring any story to life. Embrace the cinematic potential of Dundee, a city where history, culture, and modern life converge to offer unparalleled filming opportunities. From the grandeur of Caird Hall to the contemporary vibrance of V&A Dundee, from the bustling City Square to diverse historic and contemporary architecture, from extensive greenspaces and urban hills to cobbled streets these locations are ready to transform your film into a visual masterpiece. 

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Urban Chic: Dundee Waterfront, City Square and V&A Dundee

The transformed Dundee Waterfront is a shining example of modern urban redevelopment. Boasting contemporary architecture, including the iconic, ship-shaped V&A Dundee museum designed by globally acclaimed architect, Kengo Kuma, this area provides striking exteriors and interiors perfect for futuristic and contemporary settings. The waterfront also features scenic views of the River Tay, adding a serene natural element to urban scenes.

Imagine the bustling energy of a European piazza; now set your scene in Dundee’s City Square. This central plaza pulsates with life and offers an array of beautiful, early 20th-century buildings as your backdrop. With its spacious open areas surrounded by iconic architectural marvels, City Square offers a versatile setting for a wide range of cinematic scenes. Whether you require an atmosphere for busy market streets, civic ceremonies, romantic rendezvous, or social gatherings, City Square provides the quintessential European urban aesthetic. Enhance your story with the square’s iconic statues such as the “Desperate Dan” and “Minnie the Minx,” adding a unique Dundee flavour to your production.

Historic Splendour: Caird Hall and Verdant Works

Caird Hall is Dundee's majestic and historical concert venue. Sitting in the heart of the city, Caird Hall boasts an opulent Edwardian Baroque style, complete with grand staircases, ornate ceilings, and a sizeable auditorium. This location offers a timeless elegance that easily adapts to scenes ranging from sophisticated galas to gripping political drama. Its acoustically perfect interiors also make it ideal for musical sequences or concert scenes. Caird Hall’s capacious and versatile spaces can meet any cinematic need, promising to enhance the grandeur and scale of your project.

Step back in time at Verdant Works, a restored Victorian jute mill that offers an authentic glimpse into Dundee’s industrial past. This museum provides an atmospheric setting with original machinery, cobblestone courtyards, and period details that are perfect for historical dramas, documentaries, and educational films.

Academic Ambiance: Universities of Abertay and Dundee and Dundee & Angus College

The University of Dundee's mix of classical and modern architecture provides a versatile location for academic and institutional settings. With its lush green campus, state-of-the-art facilities, and historic buildings, the university can double for various educational institutions, scientific research centers, or even corporate environments. The variety of locations within the campus ensures flexibility for different scenes and genres.

Natural Beauty: Camperdown Park

For lush greenery and expansive landscapes, Camperdown Park is Dundee’s largest public park, encompassing 400 acres of woodlands, gardens, and recreational spaces. With its historical Camperdown House as a focal point, the park offers diverse settings for pastoral scenes, outdoor activities, and serene nature shots.

Waterfront Wonders: Dundee’s Harbours

Dundee's historic ports, such as City Quay and Broughty Ferry Harbour, provide a maritime charm with their mix of working docks, moored boats, and scenic waterfront views. These harbours offer excellent settings for nautical stories, coastal dramas, and picturesque backgrounds that reflect Scotland’s rich maritime heritage.

Urban Edge: Dundee City Centre and Dundee Rep Theatre

The city centre of Dundee, with its mix of modern shops, traditional pubs, and historical buildings, provides a dynamic urban setting. Areas like the pedestrian-friendly High Street, Overgate, Wellgate and Murraygate are perfect for capturing the vibrancy of city life, while historic places like the Howff Burial Ground add a touch of the past amidst the modernity.

For a touch of contemporary culture, look no further than Dundee Rep Theatre. Known for its cutting-edge performances and modern architectural design, Dundee Rep provides a sleek, artistic setting perfect for scenes that demand a touch of modernity and sophistication. The theatre's versatile interiors, featuring state-of-the-art stage facilities, flexible seating, and dramatic lighting options, make it a fantastic choice for filming intense performances, rehearsals, or behind-the-scenes action. With its dynamic spaces, Dundee Rep can also be reimagined as various urban venues like a lecture hall, a gallery, or even a high-tech corporate space, making it immensely adaptable for diverse film genres.

Architectural Marvels: The McManus and High School of Dundee

Situated in the heart of Dundee, The McManus: Dundee's Art Gallery & Museum is a stunning example of Gothic Revival architecture. Housing extensive collections of art, local history, and natural history, this impressive building offers rich interiors and exteriors that add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any film production. Whether you’re shooting an art-centric storyline or need a visually impactful backdrop, The McManus delivers.

Step into the world of academia at the High School of Dundee. With its mix of historic and contemporary buildings, this location offers a comprehensive backdrop that can cater to various academic and educational scenes. The High School of Dundee features beautiful Gothic Revival architecture seamlessly melded with modern educational facilities, providing a setting that is both timeless and versatile. Picture the classic charm of a historical library, the vibrant energy of bustling hallways, or the inspiring ambiance of cutting-edge science labs. From heartfelt coming-of-age tales to intense academic rivalries or nostalgic period pieces, the High School of Dundee offers a quintessential scholastic environment that can elevate your storyline to new heights.

Coastal Breeze: Broughty Ferry

A beloved seaside part of Dundee, Broughty Ferry offers a picturesque coastal setting with its sandy beach, quaint shops, and charming Victorian architecture. The centrepiece, Broughty Castle, overlooks the River Tay and provides a historical fortress setting ideal for period films and dramatic shots. The coastal landscapes here are perfect for capturing serene and scenic moments.

Industrial History: The Tay Rail Bridge

An engineering marvel, the Tay Rail Bridge spans across the River Tay and carries trains to and from the city. This bridge, steeped in history and architectural wonder, provides a dramatic and striking backdrop for industrial-themed narratives or any scenes requiring an impressive structural element.

Cultural Hub: Dundee Contemporary Arts (DCA)

For a touch of modernity and vibrant cultural activity, Dundee Contemporary Arts (DCA) is a must-consider location. This dynamic arts venue hosts a mix of exhibitions, cinema screenings, and events, offering sleek architectural lines and contemporary interiors. Ideal for capturing creative or metropolitan atmospheres, DCA’s versatile spaces can stand in for art galleries, modern offices, or urban cultural hubs.

Verdant Spaces: Clatto Country Park

Clatto Country Park is a tranquil outdoor retreat featuring a large reservoir, walking trails, and forested areas. This park offers a natural, serene setting perfect for leisurely outdoor scenes, wildlife documentaries, or any film requiring a peaceful countryside backdrop. The diverse flora and fauna provide enriching, textured visuals that enhance any narrative.

Historic Ships: RRS Discovery and HMS Unicorn

Docked at Victoria Dock, HMS Unicorn is one of the oldest ships in the world still afloat and offers authentic naval history right in Dundee. This historic ship serves as a maritime museum and provides a uniquely detailed setting for period pieces, nautical adventures, and historical documentaries. Its wooden decks, antique cabins, and rich history provide immersive, atmospheric locations.

The iconic RRS Discovery offers a major taste of historical adventure. The ship carried world-famous explorer Captain Scott and his crew on their first successful journey to Antarctica. Now coupled with a museum, it serves as a captivating setting for historical dramas, adventurous tales, and educational documentaries. The combination of the ship’s preserved state and its fascinating story brings a rich narrative quality to any film.

Contemporary Chic: Dundee One 

With striking modernity, Dundee One is a state-of-the-art office complex with sleek glass facades and modern interiors, offers a prime location for corporate, futuristic, or high-tech settings. Situated at the eastern, central waterfront, it provides stunning views and contemporary architecture that can enhance any modern-day script.

Quirky Streets: The Glamis Road and Hilltown Area

For those looking to capture the everyday life and essence of Dundee’s vibrant community, the streets of Glamis Road and the Hilltown area offer a blend of urban authenticity and local charm. With terraced houses, local shops, and community centres, these areas provide the perfect setting for social dramas, character-driven stories, and slice-of-life scenes.

Gothic Grandeur: St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture that towers over Dundee with its impressive spire and intricately detailed façades. The cathedral’s interior, with its soaring ceilings, stained glass windows, and grand organ, provides an awe-inspiring setting for films requiring ecclesiastical or historical scenes. Its atmospheric ambiance is perfect for dramas, period pieces, and moments of contemplation.

Industrial Edge: Blackness and Docklands

For productions needing a touch of industrial grittiness, the Blackness and docklands offer a dramatic backdrop. This area, with its mix of warehouses, cranes, and industrial equipment, brings to life stories of hard work, transformation, and resilience. The ruggedness of the docklands contrasts beautifully with Dundee’s more polished locales, making it ideal for action sequences, documentaries, and urban narratives.

Panoramic Views: The Law Hill

The Law Hill, an extinct volcanic peak, provides stunning panoramic views of Dundee, the River Tay and the North Sea . It is an exceptional filming location for capturing wide landscape shots, dramatic sunsets, and sequences requiring a sense of openness and scale. The hill’s pathways and scenic overlooks make it ideal for cinematic drone shots and contemplative scenes. The Law also features a historic war memorial at its summit, adding a poignant touch for scenes requiring a connection to history and reflection. This vantage point can be particularly striking for opening or closing shots, offering a comprehensive view of the cityscape and surrounding natural beauty.

Cultural Nexus: The McManus: Dundee's Art Gallery & Museum

For a rich infusion of culture and history, The McManus: Dundee’s Art Gallery & Museum is a must-visit. The building itself, with its Gothic Revival architecture, is a visual treat, while its interior houses exhibitions of fine art, archaeology, and natural history. This versatile location can serve as an art gallery, historical archive, or cultural institution in your film.

Historic Charm: Baxter Park

Designed by Sir Joseph Paxton and established in the 19th century, Baxter Park combines extensive green lawns, ornate pavilions, and mature trees. It’s the perfect pastoral setting for period dramas, romantic scenes, and moments of leisure and reflection. The park’s pavilion, with its grand architecture, adds a timeless quality to any scene.

Industrial Evolution: Dundee Industrial Estate

For a portrayal of Dundee’s industrious spirit and its evolution from the jute industry days to a modern technological hub, the Dundee Industrial Estate is an exemplary location. The area features a mix of factory buildings, warehouses, and modern industrial facilities, providing a versatile backdrop that can stand in for various settings such as manufacturing plants, tech start-ups, and production lines. It’s ideal for films focusing on economic transformation, industrial heritage, or futuristic innovation.

Vibrant Street Life: Perth Road

Perth Road is one of Dundee’s liveliest streets, offering a vibrant mix of cafes, boutiques, bars, and art studios. It captures the city's modern-day charm and is perfect for portraying urban lifestyle, social interactions, and dynamic street scenes. Its eclectic mix of old and new architecture, coupled with the buzz of daily life, makes it an ideal location.