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Film [dramatic] in Dundee

Film [dramatic] in Dundee

Dundee, with its unique blend of history, modern innovation, and stunning natural beauty, offers compelling attributes as a film location.

Dynamic Urban and Natural Landscapes

Diverse Backdrops-Scenic Beauty-Urban Chic-Urban Grit-Iconic Landmarks

Dundee provides a mix of modern urban settings and picturesque natural environments, including river views, parks, and nearby highlands, ideally suited for a variety of content genres.
From the serene banks of the River Tay to the rugged landscapes surrounding the city, Dundee offers an array of visually striking locations that can enhance the aesthetic value of films. 
Iconic landmarks like Captain Scott’s Arctic exploration ship, RSS Discovery and the V&A Dundee not only offer unique historical and architectural interest but also serve as compelling focal points for both contemporary and historical narratives.

Waterfront Development

The newly revitalized waterfront, featuring V&A Dundee, serves as a striking contemporary setting that can provide a visually appealing backdrop for modern narratives. 

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Rich Historical and Cultural Heritage

Historic Sites - Dundee’s history as a jute, jam, and journalism hub, with historic buildings, museums, port, historic fishing village of Broughty Ferry and historic port adds depth and authenticity to period films and can enrich any storytelling.

Proactive and Resourceful Screen Office Support 

FifeScreen+TayScreen, Dundee's screen office is proactive and ready to assist with  information as needed, logistical support, locations, securing permits, and facilitating connections with regional businesses and services. Offering a single and dedicated point of contact simplifies the process for production companies, enabling efficient communication and problem-solving throughout the production phase. The city offers various local services from equipment rentals to post-production facilities, and Dundee City Council is supportive of filming. 

Cultural Vibrancy

Known for its contributions to art, design, and innovation, Dundee is a UNESCO City of Design and hosts diverse cultural festivals and events that reflect its vibrant community spirit.

Accessibility and Compactness - Ease of Access

Dundee is centrally located within Scotland, making it easily accessible from major cities and transport hubs – Edinburgh sand Aberdeen, around an hour, and Glasgow, about 90 minutes. It also has its own airport with connections that aid the logistics of production. Dundee’s compact urban layout means that locations across the city are easily reachable, reducing transport times, facilitating smoother production schedules and helping to reduce costs.

Supportive Infrastructure - Talent and Crews

Dundee houses several higher education institutions, including the University of Dundee and Abertay University, which are prolific in arts and media studies. This provides a ready pool of local talent. For skilled technical crews in Scotland take a look at Film Bang. 


Filming in Dundee can be more budget-friendly compared to larger UK cities, with competitive rates for local services. Plus cut-down on travel time as it's quick and easy to get to locations across Dundee and the fife Tay region.

Innovative and Creative Atmosphere - Hub of Creativity

As an UNESCO City of Design, Dundee is recognized globally for its creative industries and innovations, particularly in digital media and technology. This thriving environment fosters innovative storytelling and contemporary artistic expressions. - Collaborative Community: The city’s creative sectors are highly integrated, encouraging collaborative projects that can include multimedia elements, digital arts, and interactive experiences, greatly enriching the scope of film projects.  

Commitment to Sustainability - Green Filming Practices

Dundee is committed to sustainable practices and offers support for productions aiming to minimize their environmental footprint, aligning with current trends and demands in global filmmaking for environmental responsibility. The city encourages and supports eco-friendly initiatives, including waste reduction and energy conservation, which can be advantageous for productions looking to enhance their sustainability credentials. 

Cultural Integration - Local Stories and Narratives

Dundee’s rich tapestry of history and modern cultural evolution offers a deep well of local stories and narratives that can inspire filmmakers and add authentic local flavour to Scottish, UK and international productions. 

Community Engagement

There is a strong sense of community in Dundee, which can be beneficial for productions looking to engage with local talent and audiences or incorporate community-driven content.  

To sum up

Dundee is a versatile and welcoming location for film and television productions. Its combination of dramatic and diverse film locations, historical charm, modern innovation, and comprehensive support structures makes it an attractive choice for all productions – ideal if you are looking to capture authentic Scottish culture while benefiting from a vibrant, creative, and facilitative filming environment. Dundee’s commitment to sustainability and its rich heritage in the arts further ensure that productions can achieve high-quality outcomes while engaging meaningfully with the community and the environment. Dundee is both a competitive option and has a reputation as a culturally enriched and technologically progressive city that values and supports the creative industries.