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Film [fabulous] in Fife

Film [fabulous] in Fife

Film [fabulous] in Fife

Fife, an incredibly picturesque region on Scotland's east coast, offers an array of diverse and captivating film locations - historic castles and ruins, serene beaches, sweeping hills, the world famous bridges over the Forth, fishing villages and working ports, the city of Dunfermline, intriguing towns and villages and of course, St Andrews, the global home of golf. All provide stunning and unique backdrops for any production.

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Diverse Landscapes and Settings

Fife boasts a stunning mix of landscapes, from rugged coastlines and sandy beaches to rolling hills and quaint villages to contemporary townscapes, world famous golf courses and one of the UK’s newest cities, the historic Dunfermline. This geographical diversity allows for a wide range of film locations for diverse content - historical dramas, factual entertainment, documentaries and modern thrillers. Fife absolutely shouts Authenticity. Locations like the ancient town of St. Andrews or the picturesque fishing villages of the East Neuk provide authentic Scottish backdrops that add depth and realism to any production.

Scenic Coastal Beauty and Versatile, Natural Settings - The Fife Coastal Path encircling the whole coast of the Fife peninsula, is an absolute jewel offering dramatic cliffs, secluded coves, and panoramic views - ideal for shooting breath-taking scenes and providing natural, picturesque backdrops. Beyond the coast, Fife’s rural landscapes, woodlands, and historic gardens present a variety of natural settings suitable for an array of film genres. 

Inspirational Setting - the natural beauty and historical depth of Fife provide a rich source of inspiration for writers, directors, and artists, encouraging creative visions to flourish. 

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Professional Support

FifeScreen+TayScreen, the screen office for Fife Council is experienced in dealing with the demands of media production, offering guidance and support right from the early stages of location scouting through to post-production. Assistance is readily available to help navigate any necessary filmmaking permits quickly and efficiently, ensuring productions proceed without unnecessary delays. The office is your local ‘fixer’, helping production companies, location and production managers, digital content creators, influencers and beyond to source needs including private and public locations, services, expertise and crew.

Fife Council completely understands and embraces the economic, cultural and tourism value of media production and offers a supportive and flexible facilitation and monitoring environment. 

Fife caters to the practical aspects of filming and enhances the artistic dimensions of film projects. The combination of stunning locales, a supportive production infrastructure, and a rich cultural heritage makes Fife an ideal choice for filmmakers seeking both efficiency and inspiration. The region's commitment to sustainability and its vibrant artistic community further add to its appeal as a top film destination that can meet the needs of modern productions while fostering a positive impact on the local community and environment. 

History, Architecture and Culture

Fife is steeped in history, with landmarks like Falkland Palace, Dunfermline Abbey, and the St. Andrews Cathedral ruins just a few of many offering period settings that are both visually appealing and steeped in Scottish heritage. Fife’s unique architecture ranges from medieval structures to Victorian engineering and this diversity regularly serves a spectrum of historical and fantasy narratives.

Facilities for crews

Located within easy access of Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Dundee, and with its own diverse accommodation and leisure activities, Fife offers ready access to urban settings and amenities, providing convenient support for production crews.

Transport Links

Fife is well-connected by road, rail, and nearby airports, ensuring efficient travel and transport of people and equipment for production teams. 
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Supportive local infrastructure/Facilities and Services

Fife provides a range of local services, including accommodation options from luxury hotels to comfortable guest houses, catering for crews, and local production support services. 

Skilled Workforce, Talent and Expertise

Whether productions bring their own crew and need to supplement that or are looking to hire locally to save costs, the Fife Tay region hosts and offers easy access to crews and talent based in Scotland’s central belt, the UK and beyond. Fife is home to the world famous St. Andrews University, alma mater to UK Royalty, the Prince and Princess of Wales, and to Fife College with campuses and production facilities across Fife at Kirkcaldy, Glenrothes and a brand new campus at Dunfermline.  This provides a ready pool of local talent, subject-matter expertise and crew.


Compared to other filming locations in the UK, Fife offers a more budget-friendly option alongside diverse locations and high-quality services.

Rich Cultural Experience, Artistic Heritage & Vibrant Communities

Fife’s towns, villages and new city of Dunfermline not only provide picturesque scenes but are also vibrant communities rich in Scottish tradition and culture, which can enrich and always give a warm welcome to any production. Known for its cultural events and historic sites, Fife has a heritage that includes famous artists, writers, and historical figures, which can inspire and add depth to storytelling.

Experienced in Hosting Productions

Fife has been the location for various film and television productions, ranging from independent films to high-end TV, fashion, commercials and major international projects. Highlights include Outlander and The Crown. This experience makes the region well-versed in accommodating the unique needs of film crews.

Business Support

Please take a look at the benefits of locating your business in Fife and advice and information to inform your thinking and decision.

Commitment to Sustainability

Fife is committed to sustainability, providing opportunities for green film production practices which can be incorporated into projects. This includes support for minimising environmental impact and promoting eco-friendly initiatives in the community. The region encourages the use of local resources and services to reduce carbon footprints and promote sustainable community benefits.

Artistic Community

Fife is home to a thriving community of creatives, including filmmakers, artists, and musicians, fostering a collaborative environment supportive of artistic projects.