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Film-friendly Fife Tay

Film-friendly Fife Tay

A Warm Welcome in Fife Tay

Fife Tay makes it a priority to be film friendly to get your production going full steam ahead. To make sure you can get the best experience, we also collaborate with screen offices and commissions in Scotland and the UK. We have a Production Code that has been developed with the Councils of Angus, Dundee, Fife and Perthshire and organisations like Police Scotland. We also work with private and public film locations and services across the region to help all sides have the best experience. 

Please do get in touch for guidance on your plans and to make sure you get the right information, contacts and introductions easily and fast.

Call +44 (0)1382 432483 | Call/Text/WhatsApp +44 (0)7951 380403 | Email

We started developing our Film Crew Friendly approach in 2002. We say a big thank you to a report produced in 2006 called “The Rules of Attraction” produced by The Independent Film and Television Alliance and Compliance Consulting. So paying full credit to that, here are our credentials.

Fife Tay has an established history of providing top quality help and resources for indigenous and incoming productions across diverse production including drama, entertainment, sport, factual, promotional and live events, commercials, fashion shoots, games and music promos. We work with productions at all stages from development through to post-production or completion. 

To keep on track, we are in ongoing dialogue with the production industry and are members of the Scottish Locations Network with Screen Scotland and Film Offices UK/The Production Guild. We also collaborate with the European Film Commissions Network and the AFCI.

What’s on offer?
  • Solid infrastructure, unique/desirable locations, Scottish and UK funding, financial incentives or other cost benefits.
  • Government entities at all levels actively encourage production through clear and reliable incentives, co-production or co-finance treaties or other arrangements, and tax breaks and provide substantial material support to those trying to attract production and to visiting producers.
  • We report to the Regional Governments of the Fife Tay area and they and the wider communities recognise the economic  and social importance of production for the local economy. So we actively work to make the production process attractive.
  • There is production finance infrastructure in the UK and we can sign-post to that and help reach out.
  • The global entertainment community has good awareness of production support and incentives in Fife Tay, Scotland and the UK. 
  • Procedures for all aspects of production are clear and consistent. Out permitting process is simple, clear and cost effective and we assist producers with a centralised, one-stop-shop to get things moving and so we can get you in direct contact with everyone you need to speak to.
  • Prime, diverse locations are easily accessible and provide world-class services and tourism facilities.
  • There are first-class production facilities (including production and post-production) and crews available in Scotland or the region.
  • There are limited and easily manageable weather, political, currency, crime, labour, or other risk factors.
  • Use of public land is encouraged and we have excellent relationships with private locations and regional services. Plus, if we don’t have the locations and services you’re looking for on the books already, we will do our best to find them and have a bunch of tools for that.


Take a look at some headline pointers and at the full Fife Tay Production Code.