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Film [perfect] in Perthshire

Film [perfect] in Perthshire

Film [perfect] in Perthshire

When thinking of iconic filming locations, places like Hollywood, New Zealand, and Iceland often come to mind. However, right in the heart of Scotland lies an enchanting region that has gained tremendous (and even ‘tree-mendous’) traction in the cinematic world. Perthshire, often known as ‘big tree country’ offers a breathtakingly beautiful backdrop with landscapes, mountains, lochs, rivers, intriguing towns and villages, the city of Perth and historic castles. Famous landmarks include Gleneagles Hotel and Estate, the river Tay, Blair Castle and Scone Palace. All of this holds immense potential. So set your next production in Perthshire, Scotland, perfect film locations and the perfect setting.
Diverse Landscapes

One of the most compelling reasons to film in Perthshire is the sheer variety of landscapes it offers. From dense woodlands and rugged mountains to serene lochs and rolling fields, the region provides a diverse range of scenery within relatively short distances. This allows filmmakers to capture multiple distinct environments without the need for extensive travel.

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Rich Historical Sites

Perthshire is steeped in history, with castles, ancient churches, and historic towns dotting its landscape. Sites such as Blair Castle, Scone Palace, and Dunkeld Cathedral bring an authentic touch of history to period dramas and fantasy films. These settings are ideal for productions aiming to capture Scotland's rich cultural and historical heritage.

Quaint Villages and Towns

The picturesque villages and towns of Perthshire add an element of charm and authenticity to any film production. Places like Pitlochry, Crieff, and Aberfeldy offer quintessential Scottish architecture and tight-knit community vibes. These locations are perfect for intimate storylines, romantic dramas, or films seeking to portray everyday life in a scenic setting.

Dramatic Seasons

The changing seasons can offer varied atmospheres and moods for films. Spring brings lush greenery and blooming flowers, summer offers long days and vibrant landscapes, autumn unveils a tapestry of golden hues, and winter transforms the region into a snow-covered wonderland. This diversity in weather and scenery allows filmmakers to achieve distinct visual aesthetics throughout the year.

Accessible Wilderness

For filmmakers seeking untouched natural beauty, Perthshire’s protected areas, like the Cairngorms National Park, provide accessible wilderness that’s both stunning and cinematic. The area's rugged terrain and wildlife make it an excellent choice for nature documentaries, adventure films, and scenes requiring natural splendour.

Proactive and Resourceful Screen Office Support 

FifeScreen+TayScreen, the screen office for Perth & Kinross, is proactive and ready to assist with  information as needed, logistical support, locations, securing permits, and facilitating connections with regional businesses and services. Offering a single and dedicated point of contact simplifies the process for production companies, enabling efficient communication and problem-solving throughout the production phase. The city offers various local services from equipment rentals to post-production facilities, and Dundee City Council is supportive of filming. 

‍‍This helps to ensure that your work is is smooth and efficiently supported  allowing you to focus on production and being creative.

Supportive Infrastructure - Talent and Crews

Perthshire is home to Perth College UHI and close to Dundee and Fife with the Universities of Abertay, Dundee and St. Andrews and Dundee & Angus and Fife Colleges. These are prolific in creative industries. This provides a ready pool of local talent. For skilled technical crews in the region and across Scotland take a look at Film Bang. 

Cultural Richness

Perthshire boasts a rich cultural tapestry that includes of Highland games, music festivals, and local traditions. Integrating these elements into your film can add depth and authenticity to the narrative, providing audiences with an immersive cultural experience. 

Easy Accessibility

Despite its rugged and wild beauty, Perthshire is easily accessible. Located just an hour's drive from major cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow, it provides the convenience of urban amenities while still offering tranquility and isolation. This proximity means that cast and crew can easily commute, making logistics simpler and reducing potential travel-related hassles.

To sum up

Perthshire, Scotland, is a cinematic treasure trove. With its diverse landscapes, rich history, charming villages, and supportive local infrastructure, it is an ideal location for production. Whether you’re filming an epic fantasy, a historical drama, or a contemporary romance, Perthshire’s multifaceted terrain and cultural richness provide a versatile and visually stunning backdrop. Don’t miss the chance to be part of Perthshire’s rising story.