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Congratulations to the Pram Snatcher team with a promotional short filmed on location at Perthshire’s Horn restaurant and café.

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Pram Snatcher was shot as a promotional short at the Horn which is on the A85 between Dundee and Perth.

The Horn

The production, directed by Theo Krekis and produced by Sorcha Bacon had in mind a café on a motorway and The Horn was the perfect setting.

Theo Krekis

Theo Krekis, Director

Pram Snatcher is backed by the British Film institute (BFI) and follows the misadventures of a heavily-pregnant career criminal as she struggles with impending motherhood.

Sorcha Baron

Sorcha Bacon, Producer

Owned by person of many parts including film production, Kenny Farquharson, the Horn is no stranger to high level media exposure having featured in a fashion shoot for Vogue. Unusally, Vogue identified the location (and others used in Perthshire) by name. Kenny supplied the behind the scenes location images and his children Gabi, Ollie and Holly Farquharson appear in the film as extras.

The latest lockdown came in as the production team were on their way to Scotland, but fortunately film production was allowed to continue. The production operated safely and followed the Covid Production Guidelines.


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