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Vogue Italia in Angus Scotland

Rubbish the movie, Trash the Movie and now landfill as Vogue Italia heads to Angus facility for  Allegory of Water fashion shoot featuring model Julia Cambell-Gillis and directed by Elena Petitti di Roreto. Rob Page went BTS (behind the scenes) for TayScreen.

There was Rubbish the movie, then Trash the movie and now a starring role for Landfill as Vogue Italia headed to an Angus facility for their Allegory of Water fashion shoot featuring model Julia Cambell-Gillis and directed by Elena Petitti di Roreto.

Rob Page of Schedule D Productions went BTS (behind the scenes) at Restenneth Landfill near Forfar for TayScreen by kind permission of the Vogue Italia team.

A regular for Vogue Italia, Elena has also directed shoots for globally famous fashion brands including Bottega Veneta,  Valentino, Mulberry and Hugo Boss.

Production was by London based Image Partnership and followed a previous fashion shoot for Stella McCartney at the same location in 2017.

Landfill sites that can be film locations are a real challenge to find in the UK for very understandable health and safety reasons. But Angus has such great recycling going on that Restenneth doesn't operate 24/7 so filming is a definite possibility.

Vogue Italia Angus behind the scenes


Breughel - inspiration, connection and mind your elders

Inspiration for the shoot came from the 1654 painting Allegory of Water by Jan Breughel the Elder now housed in Rome at Galleria Doria Pamphilj.

By interesting coincidence, there are Breughel paintings in Angus itself at Arbroath Art Gallery. The paintings are by Pieter Breughel the Younger.

Stay with us here! This is the connection bit.

Breughel artists were active over four generations starting with Pieter Bruegel the Elder. His sons were the artists, Pieter Brueghel the Younger and Jan Breughel the Elder (Elder because he also went on to have an artist son). So to recap it was Jan who painted Allegory of Water, as in Vogue Italia and it is two paintings by older brother Pieter that are in a gallery in Angus, as in the Vogue Italia film location.

Allegory of Water Painting

See for yourself

To take a look at the work below by Pieter Breughel, head to Arbroath on Scotland's east coast about fifteen minutes from Dundee and about an hour from Edinburgh, then treat yourself to food of the Gods, the Arbroath smokie, just the best way to eat fish.



Pieter Brueghel the Younger-Adoration of the Magi






St John Preaching In The Wilderness Pieter Brueghel

From Angus to the Milan Fashion Show

The video was shown at the Next Green Talents exclusive party at Palazzo Morando celebrating the new generation of international fashion design Milan Fashion Show in February 2018. It also highlighted the ongoing collaboration between  Vogue Italia and high end fashion retailer, Yoox, this year turned the spotlight on ethical values and a more considerate approach to consumerism.

Vogue Italia in Angus - Allegory of Water

Allegory of Water by Elena Petitti di Roreto Vogue Italia from Fashion Film Festival Milano on Vimeo.

The video features model Julia Campbell-Gillis standing at the landfill site next to a pile of discarded mattresses as a digger works in the background.