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Virtual Production, Animation, Visual Effects/VFX & Post

Virtual Production, Animation, Visual Effects/VFX & Post

Animation, Visual Effects/VFX, Post -Production, Immersive

Virtual Production VFX

The Fife Tay region has a long-established track record of collaboration with the UK's vibrant and diverse animation, visual effects (VFX), and post-production industry. Numerous companies and studios offer a wide range of services for film, TV, advertising, gaming, and other media projects. The Universities of Abertay and Dundee have relationships with top animation, VFX, and post-production companies such as:

Framestore - renowned VFX and animation studio

The Mill - award-winning VFX and post-production company 

Double Negative (DNEG) - leading VFX and animation company

Leading animation companies in Dundee include the versatile Vivomotion and sensational Salamandra.

By the way, these tools are not just for entertainment. They also offer brilliant ways for all kinds of sectors to show, tell and sell. So that's things like service delivery, marketing, training and providing insights to R&D or your business including when you're looking to raise grants or investment.  We can also help you write a brief for your next project and source the services you need.